Introduction :

The subject of Rachana Sharir includes study of Normal body structures as stated in Ayurvedic Samhita by the Acharyas along with the study of Modern Anatomy.

This is the basic subject in the curriculum of BAMS by which we can identify and gain knowledge of Human body parts using dissection methods and become an open-minded researcher and an able clinician. Being the foundation subject, all the basic principles of Ayurveda are encompassed within Rachana-Sharir.

Every student of 1st BAMS & the MD scholar of Rachana Sharir discipline has to perform complete Dissection of Cadaver in a systematic manner during his part of curriculum.

Rachana Sharir is an extremely dynamic and interesting subject to an inquisitive Practitioner and Researcher of Ayurveda. All the medical sciences require more or less basic knowledge of Rachana Sharir. Hence the study is indeed the most important of basic sciences of the life.

Objectives :

1] To train the students of UG and PG courses by virtue of Human body dissection.

2] To deliver the knowledge regarding various vital structural details of Human body theoretically and practically.

3] Being the most basic subject of all, make the students acquainted with applied and clinical relevant details of Human body.

4] To conduct Research activities on applied platform as to exemplify various principles and obscure facts of Ayurvediya Rachana Sharir.

5] To procure as many cadavers for imparting proper education to the students through movement like Body Donation activity by various means.

Departmental Features :

The most exclusive feature of our department is well-equipped Dissection Hall with ample number of Cadavers provided for Dissection to UG students and PG scholars. Other features as follows

1] Full-time and well qualified staff with PG teacher recognition to all the faculties.

2] Fully equipped well developed and well-maintained exclusive Museum of Anatomy.

3] Body Donation movement is the mainstay of the Department. Frequent meetings are conducted before Senior citizen’s forums, social organizations etc.

General and Special activities –

Departmental teaching faculties are also engaged in Social and ancillary activities like Sickle Cell Anaemia (Dr Girish Kulkarni), Satellite OPD (Dr Nilesh Phule).

ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES conducted so far –

Sl.No Programme Duration Sponsored by No. of Participants
1. State-level seminar on Terminology of Sharir Rachana 02 days Self-organized by College 50
2. Teachers Re-Orientation Training Programme 04 weeks Ministry of Health & Family Welfare 30
3. Teachers’ Re-Orientation Training Programme 01 week Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth, new Delhi 28